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Hey Lace Lovers <3

Yes, it has been FAR too long since I updated this blog page. I know, I know! Lots has been happening in my RL which has hindered me from picking my blog back up. Now I will be starting a new journey, one where I not only blog about clothing, but I also make clothing :D. I hope you enjoy and give me feedback on some of the content I will be releasing.

For those of you who remember who I am Thanks!


Danni McCarthy

"There’s a storm coming"

Hey guys! …. yes I know I have been completely gone for like two whole weeks :0 but school has been kicking my butt… between midterms and papers I have been swamped and have barely had enough time to sleep let alone post on here…. so luckily there is a hurricane coming lol so no school til Wednesday .. not only does this give me time to catch up on posts but also to balance out SL with my hw in RL soooo weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!  expect a post in a few once I fully wake up <3 Hope you guys haven’t missed me too much XD

Hey Lace Lovers :X I know i’ve been bombarding you tonight with plenty of things to keep you busy… so this will be the last post for the night… This ones a double feature to show off the new releases and cheapies from Beusy… The cardigan shown in both outfits are new releases and the floral crowns are 30L gatcha items from the in world store…. Another awesome thing I found were these mesh feet that are not only FREE but FULL PERM…. Oh Em Gee! I almost died when I saw them… they come in three skin colors and are of course mod so they should be easy to fit to your specific skin…. They also come with three nail colors and three tattoo options O.O So grab them before the creator comes to their senses ….. Soo loves I hope you enjoy and Happy Shopping! Good Night :)

Beusy’s Blog:

Til Next Time [!]_[!]

»»»»»>OUTFIT # 1««««««<


Hair: (Gift)

Magika [Halloween Group Gift]

Magika [Blood][S] Faint

Floral Crown: (30L Gatcha)

Beusy - The Revenge (Flower Crown)


Cardigan: (New Release)

Beusy - Triple Sick Cardigan

Jeans: (Group Gift)

Lily Jeans group gift for Acid Lily - even.flow

Mesh Feet: (Free)

MI Mesh Ladies Tip Toe Feet - Fashion Kit

»»»»»>OUTFIT # 2««««««<


Hair: (Gift)

Magika [Halloween Group Gift]

Magika [Blood][S] Faint

Floral Crown: (30L Gatcha)

Beusy - The Pure (Flower Crown)


Cardigan: (New Release)

Beusy - Wild Cardigan

Jeans: (New Release)

Beusy - Corpse Skinnies (mesh)

Mesh Feet: (Free)

MI Mesh Ladies Tip Toe Feet - Fashion Kit

PROP: (Subscribo Gift)

:: PM :: Black Velvet Pumpkins - Arrangement


Hey Lace Lovers :-P Have a few hunt items to show in this post from Kennedy’s… Halloween is soon approaching and this cute micro mini would definitely fit right in for the holiday. The outfit comes with the shirt and skirt and a cute butt plug not shown >.> Everything worn with the outfit is free including the hair, nails, skin, and dollie… only item that costs anything was the sneakers which were only 10L so still a steal! (Stocking not included). The sim where the photos were taken is a haunted house interactive ride… and I must say it is the BEST haunted house I’ve ever seen in SL…. Rooms included The Grudge, The Overlook Hotel, and Paranormal Activity just to name a few … So that sim is a must see!….. Soo loves I hope you enjoy and Happy Shopping!

Til Next Time [T]_[T]


Hair: (Gift)

Magika [Halloween Group Gift]

Magika [Candy Corn][S] Faint

Nails: (Hunt Item)

Kennedy’s DS Hunt Gift

Head Doll: (Free)

*C:K* Mini Halloween Goblarg Doll

Skin: (1L)

+Nuuna+ The Creep Skin


Shirt and Skirt: (Hunt Item)

Kennedy’s Kinky Halloween Gift

Sneaks: (10L)

CC Design - Sneakers Burning Face

SIM: (Worth a Look!)

Interactive Haunted House @ Halloween Town 2012


Hey Lace Lovers :^3 Had to show off this New Release from OPOPOP Designs… I’m so in love with this mesh outfit I have barely taken it off since I got it^_^ The shirt and short is sold separately but oh em gee do you have to get both. They come in a bunch colors.. all available through OPOPOP’s Marketplace page… I hope the pictures show you just how fab this outfit looks. The prop is a subscribo gift from Snow Bound…. it’s just a decor item and does not come with any sit animations but it’s still worth getting just to spice up your home. Anyways enough about how in love with this outfit I am … go forth and shop til you drop.. Soo loves I hope you enjoy and Happy Shopping! Stay tuned for more outfits today!

Til Next Time [^]_[^]


Tattoo: (Group Gift)

Xpress Urself Tattoo - Wolf Energy Gift

Nails: (Facebook Gift)

:+*R*+: Nail Ottava Pink


Shirt: (New Release)

..:: OPOPOP // Tueio in Cyan // Mesh Top ::..

Shorts: (New Release)

..:: OPOPOP // Sourtoe in Cyan // Mesh Short ::..

Heels: (Old Group Gift)

N-core SENSE XtremeHeel


Autumn Crates: (Subscribo Gift)

Snow Bound - Autumn Magic Decor (Rez)


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